KIMO Brems-Chopper TRANSOMIK B1/B3

Here you will find a comparison of the technical details of KIMO® braking choppers with integrated braking resistors in the range 2 – 55 kW.

Braking choppers for external braking resistors represent the product series TRANSOMIK® BC1 (11 – 22 kW) and TRANSOMIK® BC2 (22 – 1200 kW).

An overview of the respective application areas of the product series TRANSOMIK® B1/B3, TRANSOMIK® BC1 and TRANSOMIK® BC2 can be found in our general overview.

Braking choppers with integrated braking resistors

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KIMO braking choppers

Available products:
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  Brake voltage-threshold
Braking power kW
(ED=braking time/cycle time)
Braking resistor
    385 V – 390 V 670 V – 680 V 645 V – 800 V 810 V – 970 V 10­40 V – 11­65 V Continuous braking power  ED >>­50­% Repetitive braking   ED <50­% Infrequent braking   ED <5% int­ernal ext­ernal
3B1 KIMO braking chopper         0,4 1,2 3,8  
6B3 KIMO braking chopper         0,8 2,4 5,7  
22B3 KIMO braking chopper         1,7 5,1 23  
40B3 KIMO braking chopper         2,0 6,0 40  
55B3 KIMO braking chopper         3,0 9,0 59  
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