Here you will find a comparison of the technical details of KIMO® braking choppers for external braking resistors in the range 11 – 22 kW.

Braking choppers for external braking resistors in the range 22 – 1200 kW are offered by the TRANSOMIK® BC2 series.

If you are looking for braking choppers with integrated braking resistors, we recommend the TRANSOMIK® B1/B3 series.

You can get an overview of the respective application areas of the TRANSOMIK® B1/B3, TRANSOMIK® BC1 and TRANSOMIK® BC2 product series in our general overview.

Braking choppers for external braking resistors

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KIMO braking chopper

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  Brake voltage-threshold
Braking power kW
(ED=braking time/cycle time)
Braking resistor
    385 V – 390 V 670 V – 680 V 645 V – 800 V 810 V – 970 V 10­40 V – 11­65 V Continuous braking power  ED >>­50­% Repetitive braking   ED <50­% Infrequent braking   ED <5% int­ernal ext­ernal
11BC1 KIMO braking chopper         10 16 22  
22BC1 KIMO braking chopper           28 36  
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