Examples of use

Examples of use

Here you can see our products in use:

  Overvoltage protection of a power supply unit in a winch drive
Braking chopper TRANSOMIK® 11BC1 with customized brake voltage threshold

  RETROFIT of drives technology for container gantry cranes
Parallel connection of braking choppers TRANSOMIK® BC2

  Protection against overload of a battery powered locomotive
Braking choppers TRANSOMIK® 110BC2 with customized threshold voltage

  Braking chopper and ship drive shaft generator
Control of the DC bus voltage in case of load dropping with Braking chopper TRANSOMIK® 1200BC2/690

  Braking chopper for Voith Inline Thruster
Use of TRANSOMIK® BC2 Braking choppers for rapid deceleration of bow-thrusters

  Retrofit of woodworking machines with
Braking units LEKTROMIK® B1, B4

  Rotor drive controller for large heat exchanger
Soft starters LEKTROMIK® S

  Modernising of electrical plant – retrofit
Soft starters LEKTROMIK® S

  Smart run for a jib crane
Using soft starter for a cost effective optimization of the drive with SoftCompact® AM/SM2

  Test model for the simulation of a wind-energy converter
Regenerative frequency inverter TRANSOMIK® U2

  Drive for small water turbine
Control of an asynchronous generator by implementing a TRANSOMIK® U2