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Here you will find a comparison of the technical details of all KIMO ® voltage controllers.

The products of the LEKTROMIK® K3 series are single-phase voltage controllers.
The KIMODUL® DLS in turn represents a three-phase voltage controller.

An overview of the respective application areas of the product series can be found in our general overview.

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KIMO voltage controller

Available products:
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  Nominal device current Supply system Rated voltage Power
(at rated voltage)
    ≤ 6 A > 6 – 26 A > 26 –  190 A > 190 A 1/N AC 3 AC 230 V 400 V 200 – 480 V 110 – 500 V 220 – 690 V 0 – 4 kW > 4 – 15 kW > 15 – 90 kW > 90 kW
0.2K3 KIMO voltage controller                      
0.7K3 KIMO voltage controller                      
1.5K3 KIMO voltage controller                      
3K3 KIMO voltage controller                      
DLS KIMO voltage controller