(out) DC converters

KIMO Gleichstromregelgerät GISIDIG


Fully digital converters for DC drives

Features Applications
  • High processing speed and short reaction times by means of advanced processor technology
  • Fast process communication via peer to peer RS232, RS485
  • User-configurable technology board for the solution of complex applications
  • Short commissioning times due to computer-aided parameter setting and monitoring (GISIVIS)
  • Monitoring functions such as for example on-off switching sequence and fault messages are included in the standard software
  • Compact metal housing with swivelling device, which enables easy access to all boards as well as the thyristor power section
  • Automatic setting
  • Main drive for arc and rotary printing presses
  • Traversing- and hoisting drives for cranes and hoisting devices, elevators etc.
  • Lifts and cable railways
  • Needling machines for the textile industry
  • Rolling mill drives
  • Shear drives in the steel industry
  • Paper machines
  • Horizontal cutters
  • Loading machines for motor, turbine- or gearbox test rigs
  • Winding drives for foil, paper wire etc.


Analog DC converters for DC drives