Here you will find a comparison of the technical details of KIMO ® braking units.

The products of this series are suitable for a rated motor power up from 15 kW.
For the range up to 7.5 kW there is the LEKTROMIK® B1 series.

You can get an overview of the respective application areas of the product series in our general overview.

Braking units

All products in an overview:
KIMO braking units LEKTROMIK B4

Available products:
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  Rated voltage Rated motor power
(at motor related voltage)
Max. braking current
    230 V 400 V 480 V 220 – 500 V 0.­25 – 4 kW > 4 – 7.5 kW > 7.5 – 90 kW >­ 90 kW ≤ 11 A > ­11 – 36 A >­ 36 – 150 A > ­150 A
15B4-26 KIMO braking unit          
45B4-26 KIMO braking unit            
90B4-26 KIMO braking unit          
200B4-25 KIMO braking unit