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Bohrturm im Schnee

Overvoltage protection of a power supply unit in a winch drive

Braking chopper TRANSOMIK® 11BC1 with customized brake voltage threshold


An institute specialized in polar and marine research uses an electric winch for ice core drillings up to 100 m.

A customer-specific power supply unit in combination with a servo inverter converts the single-phase AC line voltage into three-phase AC for the servo motor. When lowering the ice core driller – which means at braking operation – the DC link voltage of the power supply unit increases.

The KIMO braking chopper TRANSOMIK® 11BC1 with a customized brake voltage threshold of 375 V is used to protect the DC link capacitors against overcharge resp. overvoltage.

In order to comply with the permitted temperatures and for a better handling the power supply unit and the braking chopper are installed in a winch control box.

After successful tests with a prototype beginning of 2016 more braking choppers for the project were supplied in September.




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