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New Kid in Town:

The new LEKTROMIK DS1 is forthcoming - a combined soft-start and braking device!
Microprocessor controlled.
Fully controlled - ideal for IE3 motors.
High braking torque.
Integrated standstill detection.
Compact design.
Up to 15 kW rated motor power.
Suitable e.g. for woodworking machines.

Available approx. 4th quarter of 2018.

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(only german yet)

MINT - Promoting Young Talents
Also in 2018 KIMO has supported a visit of pupils from the Kaiser-Heinrich-High School in Bamberg - for the 10th time now!. The students have participated in a guided tour through the exhibition, organized by the my-eFuture-initiative, and have experienced hands-on technology. Our special thanks goes to the enablers ZVEI and  Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH with their tour-scouts!