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Soft start and
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Soft start, soft stop
     and braking units
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Our complete product range

Product overview soft start and soft stop:
SoftCompact® AM, SM Snatch-free modules (AM) and
soft starters (SM)
1,1 ... 7,5 kW
LEKTROMIK® S2, SD2 Soft start and soft stop
4 ... 2000 kW

Product overview brake units:
LEKTROMIK® B1 Brake units
2,2 ... 7,5 kW
LEKTROMIK® B4 Brake units
15 ... 200 kW

Product overview soft start, soft stop and brake:
LEKTROMIK® E42 Soft start with
integrated injection brake
4 ... 22 kW

Product overview voltage controllers:
LEKTROMIK® K3 Single-phase voltage controllers
1,5 ... 18 A
KIMODUL® DLS Three-phase voltage controllers
1 ... 6 A

Product overview braking choppers:
TRANSOMIK® B1, B3 Braking choppers with
integrated braking resistors
2 ... 55 kW
TRANSOMIK® BC1 Braking choppers for
external braking resistors 11 kW
TRANSOMIK® BC2 Braking choppers for
external braking resistors
22 ... 1200 kW

Product overview frequency inverters:
TRANSOMIK® U1 Frequency inverter
AC 110...480 V
1,5 ... 15 kW
TRANSOMIK® U2 Regenerative
frequency inverter
3AC 200...480 V - 4 ... 200 kW

Product overview DC converters:
GISIDIG Fully digital converter units
for DC drives
3AC 400 or 500 V and 2Q or 4Q version - DC 20 ... 850
GISIPAKT Analog converter plug-in units
for DC drives
3AC 400 or 500 V and 2Q or 4Q version - DC 10 ... 800


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MINT - Promoting Young Talents
Also in 2018 KIMO has supported a visit of pupils from the Kaiser-Heinrich-High School in Bamberg - for the 10th time now!. The students have participated in a guided tour through the exhibition, organized by the my-eFuture-initiative, and have experienced hands-on technology. Our special thanks goes to the enablers ZVEI and  Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH with their tour-scouts!